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About me

I am a young woman living in North-Eastern Ontario. I was born in early 1998, and have moved around most of my life before settling here almost a decade ago (mid-2011). Even then, we've still moved around a lot here.

I have a cat that's now several years old (I've never been quite sure HOW old she is), named Grey (or Gray, your choice).

She's quite photogenic, if you ask me.

my cat, grey

Other miscellaneous things about me:

Name: Vivian

Pronouns: She/Her.

Gender: I am a transgender woman.

Sexuality: I am a lesbian. A trans one. I love girls. What more is there to know?

Star Sign: Pisces

My favourite colour is blue, but there are several runners-up. I like cute colours, mainly.

I used to be a half-decent C# programmer, but now when I sit down to write some I can't remember most of it for the life of me.

I have only recently gotten back into web design.

My favourite Japanese game series is Touhou Project.

I do not have a favourite anime at the moment, and have not actually watched anime in a while.

This web page was built in Dreamweaver CS3.

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